Experiences have the power to transform. For over a decade, the team at We Are Curio has been creating a diverse mix of engaging, innovative and transformational experiences. At a We Are Curio experience, you will be immersed in the process, mindsets, tools and artifacts that have the potential to significantly increase your or your team’s innovative capacity. By weaving the disciplines of art, science and design into each experience, you will leave energized and ready to create.

Whether you are looking to grow in your innovation capacity or wanting to build a customized movement-building experience for your organization, the We Are Curio team of experience designers and facilitators are here to make that dream a reality.

IEDA Workshops/Trainings

Duration: 1/2 day–3 days 10–200 people

In these settings, participants will learn our IEDA process and work with the tools and mindsets needed for innovation. With our custom experiences, our team will work to develop and tailor the content and outcomes to the specific goals you have in mind for our time together.

Workshop/Training themes can include:

  • Designing Innovation

  • Creating the Future

  • IEDA Training

  • Brand Identity & Alignment

  • Build your own!

Custom Movement-Building Experiences

Duration: 2–3 days 75–1,000 people

If you are looking to create a movement for innovation inside of your organization, we can collaborate with you and produce a custom movement-building experience. While utilizing our IEDA process, these experiences have their own brand identity, strategy, theme, and design team. This will be co-designed so that it aligns with your organization's vision and is an investment into the leaders who attend. These are typically built around themes of innovation, courage, creativity, and design/future thinking.

Movement-building packages can include:

  • 2–3 day large group experience

  • Branding, marketing, and social media services

  • Innovation boxes

  • Website with idea tracker

  • Quarterly webinars

  • Ongoing strategy for building the movement

  • Additional events

  • Additional resources for their local context

On-Site Intensives

1–25 people

Intensives are focused times for you or your team to come on-site to the We Are Curio Studio.

  • Retreats are 2–3 day experiences where you go through our IEDA process to solve challenges that you are wanting to work on. This includes personal one-on-one time with Jason and Hillary along with experiential activities and amenities at our studio in Central Florida.

  • One-Days are a full day of IEDA innovation activities and tools with our team and other innovators looking to develop professionally.

  • CO-Horts are an opportunity to join a curated group of entrepreneurs and innovators for quarterly gatherings that will support you in growing your organization, idea, and yourself.

Speaking Engagements

15 mins–2 hours

Jason and Hillary are available to speak on a variety of engaging topics and can create an inspiring moment for audiences, or can lead longer sessions for participants to engage with the content.

Common speaking themes include: Design & Innovation; Leading Teams; Courage; Mindsets; Creative Process; Truth, Beauty & Goodness/Science, Art & Design; Discovering your DNA


Curio-X experiences are currently in the prototype phase. These immersive field trips with the WAC team will leave you connected, refreshed, inspired, and ready to create.

Our first trip will be to Miami, Florida in 2019. We are also in the process of researching a Curio-X trip to Italy in 2020. If you are interested in joining us or collaborating on a trip, let us know!