We provide MANY OPPORTUNITIES FOR makING innovation accessible in your context.

You may find a perfect fit from one of our services below, or you may contact us to craft something unique for you, your team, or your organization. Allow us to come alongside you and design what the future could look like!


Is your organization in need of an independent, creative voice to help you design solutions to your complex problems. Are you looking for a fresh perspective to help you move past obvious answers and spur innovation? Our team is confident that the people, process, and mindsets we bring to the table will help you do just that.

We collaborate with you to address areas such as:

  • Organizational identity, alignment, and strategy

  • Ideation and innovation

  • Culture and team building

  • Brand strategy and storytelling

  • Empathy work, focus groups, and research

  • Aesthetic and space audit (physical and digital)

  • Think Tank networking and management

  • Ongoing retainer consulting


Individuals, teams, and organizations need to be challenged to see things from a different perspective and to move toward greater innovation. Through our immersive workshops that are constructed around our IEDA™ design-thinking process, you will not only learn our tools and mindsets for innovation, but you will also discover practical opportunities for solving wicked problems relevant to your context.

A workshop or custom training session could include:

  • Half-day, one-day, or multi-day facilitated workshops

  • Innovation trainings within your pre-existing event or conference context

  • 1–2 hour introductory talks