Innovation is a vital part of every organization. Our interdisciplinary team and IEDA™ ecosystem for innovation will help align your organization around your unique identity, pull out game-changing ideas, co-design the future with you, and build a strategy for transformative action. Our team brings an independent perspective that can help you see things from a different angle and expand what’s possible for your organization.

Our strategic services revolve around 10 capabilities:

Organizational Culture
Strengthen your mission, vision, values, mindsets and behaviours.

Brand Identity and Alignment
Deeply understand what makes you unique so that you can align your organization around it.

Innovation Capacity and Trainings
Increase your capacity to bring game-changing ideas to fruition with the IEDA™ innovation ecosystem.

ThinkCURIO Ideation
Expand your perspective with the WAC team and process.

Movement Building & Experience Design
Movement-building is hard work. Have the WAC team bring their creativity and strategy to the table to build a dynamic movement.

Visioning & Goal Setting
Think with WAC about the big picture vision and build a strategy to get there.

Business Design & Growth
Work with the WAC team to grow your business in the direction of your brand identity.

Stakeholder Empathy & Insights
Get to know your stakeholders more deeply so you can create greater value.

Futures & Foresight
Where will your organization be in 10 years? 20 years? 100 years? How can you prepare now for the future you want to create?

Space & Aesthetics
Work with the WAC team to utilize your space in new ways that will spark innovation and creativity.


Duration: 1–3 days

If you are in need of a condensed consulting experience that focuses on one or two of the capacities above, the WAC team can provide on- or off-site strategy sessions for you and your team. Sessions utilize our trademark IEDA™ process that will help you move ideas to action.

IEDA™ Sessions are dynamic experiences that creatively engage you and your team in the design and strategy process. Our team can come to your location, accompany you on a retreat, or we can host you for a visit at the WAC studio.



Duration: 1 week–6 months / Short-term

Depending on the size of the project, the We Are Curio team and Collective can solve any number of design challenges your organization may be facing. Our team will come together with you to build a strategy and timeline and co-design a solution with you and our multidisciplinary collective of creatives.



Duration: Yearly / Long-term

Utilize the full capacity of the WAC ecosystem by bringing us on retainer with your organization. Retainers are fully customizable and will allow us to work in deep collaboration with you and your team to move game-changing initiatives forward. We partner with you to become or add capacity to your R&D department. We have on-site and remote options that range from weekly, monthly, quarterly or customized.