Jason DEMEO, Co-Founder & CEO

Jason has experience working in corporate, higher education and non-profit environments over his 10 year career. Along with leading CURIO, Jason serves as a Subject Matter Expert in Design Thinking and Adjunct Professor at Southeastern University. Jason is certified in Design Thinking from Harvard and holds a B.S. in Marketing and M.A. in Ministerial Leadership from Southeastern University. He has a passion for good design, healthy dialogue, and loves helping people and organizations flourish. He was also a rapper named Franchice in another life.

Jason speaks on topics such as contrarian leadership, unlocking creativity and innovation and design. He loves hosting panels on current events and interviewing interesting people.



Hillary has worked in organizational leadership for the past decade. She has served in various roles such as Dean of Student Engagement, Professor of Organizational Leadership, and Director of Leadership Development. Hillary has an undergraduate degree in Organizational Management and a Masters degree in Organizational Leadership. Hillary has a gift of mobilizing people, creating movements and crafting experiential events. You would never know it, but Hillary was raised on a farm and showed cows in FFA. She was even the Beef Queen (yes, that is a thing).

Hillary speaks on topics such as team building, empowering women, event planning and ideation. 


Curio Collective

We work with a multi-disciplinary group of creatives, and collaborators that broaden our ideas and expertise. We believe that the more diverse the group you collaborate with is, the deeper and more effective the solutions will be. Our team meets to discuss solutions for our clients and provides creative infrastructure for various projects that we work on together. From interior designers to engineers, this eclectic mix of creators, collaborators and contrarians provide the depth needed to tackle challenging design projects.