What's your 6?

I recently had the opportunity to go to Fantasy of Flight and explore their "Wing Walk Air."  Think jungle gym, meets tightrope walking, meets Aggro Crag.

This huge structure will really make your stomach turn if you don't like heights.  It's also scary when getting suited up, the guide says, "Be careful, I didn't strap you in too tight."  Oh thanks.

So after some testing/tightening of my gear I started on my journey.  There is only a little disk attached to a rope that holds you in from falling to a brutal death but hey, YOLO, right? Unless you believe in the afterlife then maybe YOLT. 

Anyway, after trying out all of the obstacles and loosening up my rope so that when I fell  there was much more of a jolt, I started doing some improvising.  That's when I came to these ladder like steps:


After running across them a few times, I got the idea of trying to jump and land from block to block. Think Frogger.  I was a little nervous to jump since falling doesn't kill you but it does sometimes hurt.  Also, I have a bad ankle.  I got up the courage to do it and started jumping one by one.  I made it to the other side and was pretty proud of myself.  After yelling to Hillary and showing her what I could do, I decided...what if I tried to jump 2

I did it!  It was pretty exhilarating at 50 feet up

But then I thought...if I can do 2...what about 3?  I floated the idea to Hillary and was worried about my ankle, but she said, "Go for it!'. 

Now the pressure's on.

I jump for the third rung.  Made it!  Wobbly, but made it.


Why not 4?


What about 5!?


What about 6!!??


Since I am not Carl Lewis, that was my max.  6.  Crazy!

And what I realized as I finished that day was that when I started, I thought doing 1 was a stretch.  2 would have been strait Hot Rod.  3 is for people like David Blaine.

But with the encouragement of a friend, and the willingness to try and fail, I made it to 6.

What other areas of my life am I limiting myself?  What areas of your life are you limiting yourself?

Your 6 moment might be waiting on you.

But you gotta start with one.

There's more in you.

What's your 6?