We see you Gainesville! How Lakeland's northern neighbors are remaking the city with design thinking.

Gainesville is proving that government work doesn't have to suck. They brought in IDEO to challenge them to be more human-centered and have since embraced design thinking to their core.

"Proverbial red tape shrouds local government. It is an archaic, clunky, and confusing system that takes career politicians and legal experts to navigate. Improving that system isn’t just about making sure the trash gets collected and the bus runs on time; it also involves making city services–for example, obtaining permits–more accessible for everyday people, not just career bureaucrats. Lyons sees human-centered design thinking as a move toward more open access to civic operations."

Recently the LEDC brought in IDEO (bravo Steve Scruggs and team!) and their work for our city has been invaluable. Just one example is that Catapult was one of the initiatives that was spurred out of the consultation.

But let's do more. Let's keep expanding what is possible and let's try to challenge (in a friendly way) our northern neighbors that WE actually want to, "Make LAKELAND the most citizen-centered city in the United States." On second thought, Gainesville might already have a TM on it so we can come up with a new slogan. (An even MORE human centered one! lol)

I know a good local agency that could help.  :)

Here is the article below and check out the PDF I have included called "The Gainesville Question." Which is brilliant and aesthetically beautiful. Kudos to Gainesville!