Garbage in, garbage out. We have probably all heard this sentiment and there is a powerful truth that lies in it.

Eat crappy food, feel crappy.

Get no sleep, get no energy.

Use Comic Sans, look like an clown.

G.I.G.O puts its focus on negative inputs. But the opposite is just as true. I like to call it G.I.G.O (clever right?)— Good INPUTS, Good OUTPUTS.

Change your inputs and you will change your outputs. Willing yourself to change is not typically very effective. I am going to give you 1 powerful tip that you can do in the next 20 mins that will help you change your life…just by changing your inputs.

So what are inputs? Inputs are your friends, influences, people you follow, rhythms and rituals you have created, books, movies, media, disciplines, food, etc that affect your wellbeing.

Most of us are on social media way to much. Me included. This is a post for another day. But one thing you can do to make social media a more enriching experience is THE FOLLOW AND UNFOLLOW BUTTON.

I actually like my Facebook news feed. It isn’t filled with conspiracy theories, alternative facts, or jerks. I actually get a diverse group of opinions and thoughts from my Facebook feed. This is actually possible. The reason it is possible is the little unfollow button in the right corner. You don’t even need to unfriend them, just never see them again!

The same for Twitter, the same for Instagram, the same for every other social media you use.

So here is your challenge:

Do a Social Media Input Audit:

Take 15 minutes to unfollow at least 50 people, and add at least 10 new, healthy challenging voices to your feeds. And keep doing this! Keep curating down your inputs to ones that are life giving, thoughtful, challenging, and diverse.

Pay attention to what you are paying attention to, these inputs will shape you.

12 of my Suggested inputs:

Seth Godin

Nicholas Kristof

Diedra Riggs


The Economist


Brene Brown


Hank Fortner

Tyler Huckabee


Fast Company Design